Sue.E.Cidel Gabba#3 59 Records Discography

Sue.E.Cidel Gabba#3 59 Records Discography

59 Records
Italian hardstyle label founded in 2002.
No longer active.


Brain Ovulation – Only Kick
Brain_Ovulation – Kicks and Bass
Hatshepshut – Far Away From Giza
Essnsse – Gasoline
Hatshepshut – Kick Your Bass
T.A.F.K.A.B.O. – Foolish Artistic Aspirations
Fliegenpilz – Unmoeglich
T.A.F.K.A.B.O. meets Julian DJ and Davide Sonar – The Pump
Tafkabo – V-Vinyl
Brain Ovulation – My Bass



Sue.E.Cidel Gabba#1 6.T.Hate.U Discography

Sue.E.Cidel Gabba#1 6.T.Hate.U Discography

6.T.Hate.U (2003-2004)
French underground hardcore label
Ownned by LSDF Diffusion




Venom – Vortex Array EP-(6THTU001)
Goetia – No Kappakore 100 Percent Under-(6THTU002)
Venom – Marchin Cubes-(6THU03)
Goetia – I Dig Frenchcore-(6THU04)



Hardcore February 2019 Mixed by Sue.E.Cidel #001

Hardcore February 2019 Mixed by Sue.E.Cidel #001



All Bones – You Are Not Free
Alterated and Drug Fuc*ers – Music On
Angel and Iszoloscope – Unified Field EP
Brutal Theory & Psiko – Get OutSweet But Psiko
Crime Scene – Ass Kicker
D.J. La Teigne – The Monster
Deadly Guns And MBK – Pure Domination
Deterrent Man – The Fucking Bomb & RemiX
D-Fence – The Viral Collection (Album Sampler 2)
DJ Mad Dog And Tha Playah – Embrace The Fire
DJ Thera – Cranking Up The Tempo
Dj Thunder – Ko-gli-one
DJIPE – Trouble In Paradise



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Hardstyle Releases 2018 #1 Mixed by Sue.E.Cidel

Sue.E.Cidel Hardstyle #1



1Vision – Cross The Line-(DIHD006)
2Faced – Resonate-(IGD026)
Active Assassinz – The Poem-(HMR083)
Activist and Malfunction – Bass God-(VNTG038)
Adaro and E-Life – Black Rain (Hard Bass Anthem 2018)-(B2SR018)
Adrenalize ft.ADN – Get Up-(SCANTRAXX266)
Air Teo And Daniele Mondello – Teoshock-(HC0083)
Alex_Kidd – Forbidden Tribe-(SMC037)
Alex TB And Buchecha – Alchemy Sides EP-(KUBE039)
Alyon – Close Your Eyes
Ampyre – Chaos-(HMR081)
Ampyre – Forever-(HMR085)
Ampyre – Origins-(HMRG005)
Andrew Liogas – Gone-(PRDC_124)
ANDY SVGE – Global Citizens-(SCANTRAXX268)
Anexa – My Journal-(HBR074)
Arch_Fx – Friendship-(LR_013)
Archetypez – Massacre EP-(DT079)
Art Frequency – Spiritual Awakening-(GBE056)
Art Frequency and MickeyG – Dreams-(GBE060)
Artifact – Blackout EP-(EOL071)