1823 – 24th August 2019 DnB Releases Mixed by Dimitri KosmoloV


1823 – 24th August 2019 DnB Releases Mixed by Dimitri KosmoloV


Abstract Elements – Kanifol 
Billain – Oni
Current Value – Enticement\Heli Aggression
Current Value – Impact\Periodicity\That Smile
Current Value, DR, Lockjaw – Dead Communication
Dauntless – Geomancy 
DaVIP – Helicopters 
Doctrine – So Did I
Hybris – Insect Mating Dance
Kije, Jay Mythix – Perebor 
Kije, Nu4m – Delirium
Kiril – Fenix
LeStR – Closure
MRSA – Bio Weapon
NickBee – Moonshine 
NickBee – Sounds of War 
Prestige – Miracles
Redpill – Badou
Signal, Disprove – Delirium
Subtension – Hi There 
Xtrah – Compulsive 
Xtrah – Isolation 
Xtrah, Noisia – Gravitas 



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