1816 – 20th August 2019 (Part 2) DnB VS Oldskool Mixed by Mux48


1816 – 20th August 2019 (Part 2) DnB VS Oldskool Mixed by Mux48


Abstract Elements – Acid Coke
Awesome Foursome- Funky Breakdown (VOCALS) 
Andy Pain – NZT48
Awesome Foursome ‘Monster Beat’ (Reality 1986) 
Bredren – Mechanica
Awesome L & His Posse ‘Hellafied Talk’ (R&R 1989) 
Bredren – The Truth
Awsome Of Course Crew ‘Micski Is Blasting’ (Kickin’ Live 1988)
Eastcolors – The Light (Phil Tangent Remix)
B-Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Classical Version)  (DUB VERSION) 
Eastcolors, Noel & Traffic – Dreams
B Beat Girls- Hearts A Hurricane (VOCAL AND DUB) 
Jaydrop – Return
B Beat Girls- Jungle Swing (VOCAL & DUB VERSIONS) 
Linden & Detail – Fringe
B. B. & Q. Band – Dreamer (Sheps Dream Version) 
Mortem – Malfunction
Babie & Keyes – Playgirl (Drumapella) 
Owneath – Amber Hood
Baby D – Casanova (Rapture Remix) Day Dreaming (Original)
Owneath – Juku
Baby-D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Ray Keith Remix) 
Phase & LaMeduza – I Mean It
Baby D – Take Me To Heaven (Rollin Rhythms Mix) 
Qbig & Zenith B – Enkidu
Baby D & Dizzy D ‘Cen’er City Rock’ (B. Leaf 1984) 
Quent – Hero
Baby Fresh & Baby K ‘Spoiled Rotten’ (Chocolate Star 1987) 
Robustus & Moody – Falling
Bad-Boy Orchestra – Hip Hop Salsa (Dub Mix) 
RoyGreen & Protone – Homeground
Bad Boy Orchestra- Do You Wanna Dance (DUB MIX & CHANT)
Roygreen & Protone – Speak The Truth
Bad Boy Orchestra- Hip Hop Salsa (RADIO MIX & PERCAPELLA)
Submarine – Backshift
Submarine – Void
Wingz – Confined


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