1802 – 13th August 2019 (Part 2) DnB Releases Mixed by Dimitri KosmoloV


1802 – 13th August 2019 (Part 2) DnB Releases Mixed by Dimitri KosmoloV


Anti.Negative – Raindance
Dub Head, M.Justa – Ghost Note
Høst – HNTRS
Razat – Vampire
Samba – Tsss
Signs, Sotilas – French Slang
Animals In The Room, Zimbu – Heretics
Arigto – Calculated Feelings
Hebbe – Yare
Marauder – Hades
OCEE – Bluff
Revazz – Radar
Ego-Free Sequences – Altar\Explorer
Ego-Free Sequences – Tapping In
K-Chaos – Given Reality\ Product of Shame
K-Chaos – Thinking In The Back
Parallel, Eschaton – Altered Beast
Relapse – Mantle
Relapse – Two Worlds Colliding With A Force More Horrifying & Beautiful…
The Blunt Needles – Sneer Off [Nic TVG Remix]
2dB – Leave
Document One – 7th Dimension
Document One – Uh-Huh
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Holdin On\Take A Chance\Thug Killer
Erb n Dub & North Base – Punk Rock
John B & L Plus – Original 80’s
Kronology – Star In A Jar
L Plus – Going Away
North Base – I’m Forgiving Love [feat. Ewan Sim]
Tantrum Desire – Genesis [Friction Remix]\Gravitate
Tantrum Desire – Pump [Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix]
Tapolsky & VovKING – 88
T-Phonic & Deadman – Reflections [VIP]
Youngman – Sorry [Youngman Edit]


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