Archives 1756 – Trance 2019 VS Oldskool #8 Mixed by MuX48

Archives 1756 – Trance 2019 VS Oldskool #8 Mixed by MuX48


aaron langstaff – tough guy
ben stevens – black hole
ben stevens – devastating rhythm
boris the noss – we have a problem
discam – exonerate
jeff payne – limitless
jez and charlie – razors edge (the sticky bandits remix)
justin charge – i see power
kevin byrne – c4 to the floor
lady bianca – oblivion (jeff payne remix)
leighton smith – birthright
matt clarkson – keep on
matt pickup – invasion
mike taylor – fashionably late
mitchell james – get to the hoover
paul glazby – hostile (scallywags remix)
paul glazby – tortured (high dosage remix)
ryan handley – hoovers of hell
Oblivion – Foul Play Vol.2-OR002
Ohm – Yolk-OHM001
Orca – Dances With Dolphins EP No.2-LSR006
Origination – The 5 Tracker-NTT1233_RUDE003
Output Level-3 Sample-HIL001


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