Archives – 1366 – 5th July 2018 DnB Releases mixed by Maco42 (Jungle Special)

Archives – 1366 – 5th July 2018 DnB Releases mixed by Maco42 (Jungle Special)


all ganja man – serum spyda
all the way up – specimen a deekline
bad boyz – ed solo deekline
bad man – aries
bam bam (serial killaz remix) – ed solo deekline serial killaz yolanda
bangers & break it down – serum voltage
buck rogers (bladerunner remix) – firefox,bladerunner
catch me here – drumsound & bassline smith,conor maynard
clash 77 – jacky murda,aries
close – drumsound & bassline smith
dont think its love (mind vortex remix) – dr meaker,mind vortex,romaine smith
funky child – deekline
get you – rahmanee
girls dem dada – chopstick dubplate mr williamz
good to have the feeling (voltage & nicky blackmarket remix) – deekline nicky blackmarket voltage tippa irie
hit man (fatman d,klip,outlaw & nicky blackmarket vip remix) – marvellous cain,outlaw,n.blackmarket,fatman,d,klip,cutty ranks
how it should be done – voltage
incredible – m-beat general levy
in your eyes (aries & gold remix) – johnny osbourne aries & gold
jazzticles – nicky blackmarket,voltage
junglist sound (serial killaz remix) – navigator,serial killaz,ranking joe
keep it raw – firefox
lo – social security
mutant jazz (rollers instinct remix) – t power rollers instinct
night nurse – cain 1 wakcutt
no no no (serial killaz remix) – ed solo,deekline,serial killaz
one part jungle – nicky blackmarket aries
pass me the dubplate (benny page remix) – deekline benny page tippa irie
real talk – threshold
ruff it up (benny page remix) – general degree benny page
seek and find – jinx in dub
soundsystem entertainer – ed solo mc spyda
things just aint the same 4 gangstas – infiltrata craze
trash talk – inna culture
untitled dub – aries & gold
walk n skank (2017 vip mix) – serial killaz
we want no more – mooncat karlixx
you aint ready for me – drumsound and bassline smith youngman
you and me (freestylers and deekline remix) – ryan blyth scrufizzer rae hall freestylers deekline
pulp fiction – alex reece
absolutely wicked – rends
dreadman – salacious krum
jungle life – foth
keep it moving (vip mix) – dj dirty one
low tech – xluther
music & murder – xluther junglequeen
ocularis – self aware
stargate experiment – self aware
tech noir – marv
the spot – raket
tribesman – rez
why do you – foth


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