Archives – 1035 – Deep In The Jungle (2017) Mixed By Maco42

Archives – 1035 – Deep In The Jungle (2017) Mixed By Maco42


Brocka T – All Krew (DJ Hybrid Remix)
Hungry T – Babilonya Dub (Subcriminal Remix)
SR – Badman (Jungle Citizenz Remix)
Pull Up Collective – Big Up (Kartoon Remix)
DJ Cautious – Double Trouble (Kosine’s Heavy Road Mix)
Xian Juan – Deep In Tha Jungle (Evade Remix)
Demented Frequency – Dread At The Controls (ScattyOne Remix)
DJ Lab – Eradication (Kartoon Remix)
DJ Lab & SickorWell – Island Sound (Brian Brainstorm Remix)
Sharpz – Junglist (Pull Up Collective Remix)
BassFlexx – One Amen A Day (Galvatron Remix)
DJ Hybrid – Original Junglist (DJ L.A.B Remix)
DJ Hybrid – Run Pon Dem (Tony Jungle Remix)
Agro – Sneek (Section Remix)
Kartoon – Soundboy Surrender (DJ Cautious Remix)
Hungry T – Space Chase (RMS Remix)
DJ Cautious – Story (SR Remix)
Criminal Sound – The Jungle (Drop Out Remix)
DJ Hybrid – Underground Style (Lavery Back To 94 Mix)
Crisis & Ikon B – Who Runz Tingz (Sound Shifter Remix)


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